"Throw-away" phone numbers may have many legitimate uses, but savvy investigators know they are frequently misused for fraud and harassment as well as by persons looking to evade their legal or financial obligations. Skip Smasher's High Risk Phones search is designed to help investigators immediately identify these types of phone numbers.

A High Risk Phone number is any phone number that can be easily disposed of and can be owned and used anonymously, or with a fake name. For example, a Tracfone prepaid phone. Any person can walk into Walmart with some cash and get a cheap flip phone and have a dial-tone before they leave the parking lot -- all without registering the phone in their own name.

"A data service like Skip Smasher or one of our competitors may not have information on the current subscriber of a cell phone. The reason may simply be because it's a throw-away phone number. Knowing, for example, that the number comes from a free text messaging service is a real help to our customers who have better things to do than try to chase junk phone numbers," says company President and private investigator, Robert Scott.

Several different types of High Risk Phones are identified in Skip Smasher's High Risk Phones search:

  • Prepaid Cell Phone services including Tracfone, Boost Mobile, Virgin Mobile and Jolt Mobile
  • Virtual phone line services like Google Voice, FlyP and Twilio
  • Free Text Message services like TextNow, Pinger, ZipWhip and GoTextMe

In addition, the search also identifies invalid phone numbers that use either a non-existent area code or area code/pre-fix combination.

ABOUT SKIP SMASHER: Skip Smasher is an online skiptracing data service available to qualified business users only who need to identify and locate people for legal and other purposes. Sorry, it is not available to the general public.