"Skip Smasher is one of the most popular sources of information utilized by our firm. They continue to add the most cutting edge sources that the industry has seen in past 20 years. I would highly recommend Skip Smasher to all investigators."
Richard Harer
Specialized Investigations
Chatsworth, CA
"We just served (minutes ago) a subpoena to testify at a crucial hearing to a difficult-to-locate & serve reporting party. Due to her age (18) and lack of data in public records, another law firm and its investigators couldn't find her. Co-defendent's attorney hired us, said he knew it'd be difficult if not impossible to locate her, but could we try? We ran searches in our usual databases, researched other sources, nothing. Used SkipSmasher: Found her with the very first search."
"We have tried other (data) companies and have had the BEST luck in locating our debtors and recovering our vehicles with Skip Smasher than any other company! The prices that we pay for finding a debtor are the cheapest we have found and the info is VERY reliable! We have recommended a few companies to Skip Smasher and they have signed on as a result of our "good" luck with the service they provide!!"
Christine Culwell
HCLE Recovery
Houston, TX
"I can't thank you enough for your service. The info on your site so far has been spot on, and the pre-pay concept is beautiful. Thank you again for allowing me access to Skip Smasher. I've had nothing but incredible results so far, especially with the new Mega Credit Header feature. Keep it up! I haven't even considered logging on to my old data company this entire month!!"
Mac Sanford
Frontline Field Services, Inc.
Houston, TX
"I just tried your new cell phone subscriber search and I actually found an address I've been searching for. This search is AWESOME and I know I will be using it in the future! Thanks for being one of the best out there."
Melinda Cole
Cole Investigations
Torrance, CA
"Skip Smasher is my first resource when I'm working on a locate or skip. It's simply the best. I even highly recommend this service in my book."
Steven Kerry Brown
Private Investigator & Author, "The Complete Idiot's Guide to Private Investigating"
"I personally want to thank you. I estimate that your service saves me several hours per week...having said that, in todays environment, this tool is somewhat indispensable for me."
David Hubbs
CT State Marshal
Southington, CT
"WOW! I cannot believe the success and accuracy of Skip Smasher! The data is more accurate than other databases I've used for years and the customer service has been great! On occasion they even put out a FREE day on certain products - it gives me a chance to try new searches. I LOVE IT!!"
Larry Sizemore
Alpha-Omega Investigations, LLC
"I've spent 25 years with the New York City Police Department and have been a private investigator for over 13 years. I have used every information service out there. None even come close to Skip Smasher's easy search system, up to date information, fair pricing and excellent staff. I use skip Smasher seven days a week because they're the most reliable system in the industry."
Andrew Mcgee
Harbor Investigations
New York
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Anytown, USA
"Our other long-time providers have failed us where Skip Smasher has made us look impressive to our clients. You're truly an "Asset" to many professional industries who require private/public data searches."
Rollie McCarter
Rollie McCarter Investigative Services
Holyoke, MA
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